Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills

 The story revolves round Madison and her family, having different destinies, fate and view about life, they rally for personal interests, little did they realise they were only running round a globe.
Segregated by religion, Madison and Hassan were forced to call off their blissful relationship, it was indeed a painful quit, but they had little or no option, both families were against them-a flower can’t flourish in a dam of thorns.
Madison was an american lady whose family resided in Nigeria, hassan on the other hand was the Emir of kano’s first son.
After the painful breakup, Madison together with her family left for their home country where she discovered she was pregnant.
Nine months after which she gave birth to a set of identical twins.
The glass was already shattered! She had to raise her kids alone, without hassan’s knowledge.
She named them Michael and Gabriel, they bore her last name; Robertson.
She eventually found love again! This time, a black american.
Everything happened so fast, the got married.
Her new husband died few years into their union, she was once again left alone to cater for her mulattoes- Michael, Gabriel and Nathan.
AGE: 28
An american CIA who woke up one morning only to get a burn notice.
An underground crime syndicate operating in Nigeria absorbed him, knowing he was a great asset.
His skills and expertise won him the trust of his boss, love of katarina and jealousy the of a colleague.
Michael fell into a trap, a trap carved out of jealousy, he was killed in a bomb explosion, it was all a set up!
Who was the architect?
AGE: 28
The most naive of his brothers, a loving, caring and soft hearted fellow whose identity carved a pain in his neck.
Gabriel had the same physiological make up with Michael, even their mother always mistook one for the other.
The syndicate didn’t believe Michael was dead, Gabriel was mistaken for Michael, he had no option but to replace Michael in the syndicate.
His sole mission was to avenge his brother’s death and sell out the syndicate.
He was drowned by love, lust and power, all which he inherited from Michael’s past.
Would he be able to let go of all these and avenge Michael’s death?
Would the murderer be fished out?
AGE: 22
Only he and Michael knew his father was assassinated!
Consumed by grieve, quest for revenge and hurts, he set out to kill everyone involved in his father’s death, he believe his step brother was murdered for a significant reason.
He later found out Gabriel was working for the same syndicate that murdered his dad
Geez! He was working with the police, would he watch the only brother he had left go to jail?

AGE: 52
He found himself climbing up the political pinnacle, he found success at the polls, he was sworn in as the president of the republic, his people loved him, but he had enemies within!
In order to clear their coast, they planned to assassinate him.
t was a stormy and thundrous afternoon in the city of Kano.
The cloud was pitch black, threatening to cry. The sun found canopy under the thick cloud, warm but heavy wind blew from the south, tossing away any material that dare stand in its way.
Ranty sounds of thunder permeated the magnificiently designed room, Hassan’s heart beats weren’t helping matters, they seem to be in rythme with the thunder.
Each pump of blood pervaded fear within his being. He swallowed hard for the umpteenth time, boils of sweat tickled down his skin, defying the cold atmosphere.
Hassan paced around like someone whose wife is experiencing her maiden labour.
Its high time he let his father know about his decision to renounce islam- a religion his ancestors had practiced so faithfully.
Yes he knew it won’t be easy but the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
He stuck his legs into his slipper, took in a big gulp of air and reached for the door knob.
He turned it slowly and walked out to the hallway, heading to his father, to meet his fate.
Hassan Abdul-Azeez was first born son of the prominent Abdul-Azeez Usaini xvi the 21st century emir of kano.
The emir so much loved his son that he didn’t want anything to separate them, he had Hassan pass through western education here in Nigeria so he could teach him all there is to know about royalty, his plans was for Hassan to succeed him!
He didn’t want royalty transfered to another family.
Hassan opened the palace door with shaky hands and trembling feet. He had never felt like this before! He spent all his life in the modern palace, why was he having this strange feeling now?
His facial expression script it all, he was greatly worried.
His dad sat on the high and mighty throne with two body guards standing by his right and left respectively.
Four chiefs occupied the chairs below the throne.
The palace was well furnished, it looked nothing less of a modern palace, most of its decos were imported.
“sannun ku” he greeted breathlessly, with his head slightly bowed in respect.
“salama alaikum” the chiefs chorused, meaning “peace be unto you”
Hassan sat on one of the chairs by his right.
The Emir knew the kind of son he had in Hassan, hassan was a core introvert, he wouldn’t show in the palace by this time of the day if he had nothing important to discuss.
“is anything troubling the prince? The emir asked on noticing Hassan’s countenance.
“i request to speak with my dad….alone” came the reply from hassan.
The Emir motioned the brown horse tail he was holding.
Action speaks louder than voice, the guards and chiefs deserted the palace as commanded.
Hassan stared blankly at his dad, he was battling how best to present this to his father.
He sighed. ” father, i want to make an important request”
“go ahead son, you know i’ll do anything and everything for you” replied the king who was oblivious of his son’s request.
Hassan threw his father another quick glance; beyond the royal attaire, he saw a man who had a blazing passion for Islam and wishes all his family members to follow in is footprints.
For a moment, Hassan thought of aborting his plans, he thought against it when he remembered the promise he made to Madison.
No! He can’t afford to loss her…..
“father,,, i….i uhm…..i wish to convert to christianity” he found himself stammering.
At the drop of a hat, the tender smile Emir Abdul was wearing drifted to a heart crushing frown.
Hassan could swear he saw real fire replacing his father’s pupils.
“what did you just say?
The emir got up angrily.
Hassan’s heart skipped, he also got up. “calm down dad…..i…”
“shut up” the Emir shouted, and got into a session of loud coughs.
His heart ached badly, Hassan wished he could swallow back his words, too late to cry when the trigger is pulled.
The Emir fell to the floor helplessly, he had been managing cardiovascular attacks for the past few month now.
Hassan grew red with regret.
he screamed, a guard ran in almost immediatley.Two reports released this week shed light on the current state of type 2 diabetes in this country, and their conclusions are both promising and sobering. First, the good news: An article in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that rates of diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, and lower-limb amputation are down by more than 50% over the last two decades.

Now the bad news: during the same time period, the number of people with diabetes has soared, according to a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine. In the early 1990s, 5.5% of adults had diabetes. By 2010, the number had nearly doubled, to 9.3%. That translates into about 21 million American adults living with diabetes.

Although Americans are doing a better job of controlling their diabetes, they’re falling far short at preventing it. “The major reason why the prevalence of diabetes is going up is an increase in the number of people who are overweight and obese,” explains Dr. Osama Hamdy, medical director of the Obesity Clinical Program at the Harvard-affiliated Joslin Diabetes Center and author of The Diabetes Breakthrough, a newly published book from Harvard Health Publishing.

Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. And unless something is done to reverse this trend, millions more could edge closer to diabetes.
The obesity–diabetes connection

To describe how being overweight contributes to type 2 diabetes, Dr. Hamdy uses an automotive analogy. “You have more tissue in your body, so you require more glucose [sugar]. Just as if you have a bigger car, you need more gas,” he says. Insulin—the hormone that moves glucose from the blood into the tissues for use and storage—is like the key to that car.

The more sugar that enters the blood, the more insulin is needed to drive it to its intended destination. The pancreas can pump out extra insulin to meet the need, but over time, the body becomes increasingly less sensitive to it and the pancreas eventually reaches its insulin-producing limit. “Then you get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,” Dr. Hamdy says.

The upside is that the process can be reversed. When you lose weight, you have less tissue, which means you need less sugar—and therefore less insulin. “You become more efficient, like a hybrid car,” says Dr. Hamdy.

In his own research, he’s found that losing just 7% of your body weight can improve insulin sensitivity by about 57%—more than diabetes drugs can usually do. “What we have seen is that once people start to lose weight in the very early stages of diabetes, they can actually reverse the entire course of the disease,” Dr. Hamdy says.
Minor changes, big results

The ability to reverse diabetes might seem dramatic, but the lifestyle changes needed to achieve it aren’t. The cornerstones of diabetes prevention—diet and exercise—can be easily incorporated into even the most hectic schedule.

Take exercise, for example. “Most people don’t know that if you do short bouts of exercise it is even more efficient than if you do longer bouts,” says Dr. Hamdy. People who can’t carve out time to get to the gym could actually see greater results just by incorporating three 10-minute exercise sessions into their everyday routine.

Here’s a sample schedule:

    In the morning when you wake up, stretch for 10 minutes.
    After you eat lunch, take a brisk 10-minute walk.
    After dinner, strength train with light hand weights or an exercise band for 10 minutes.

Those three 10-minute sessions provide stretching, aerobics, and strength training—all essential components of a well-rounded workout. And if you do them every day, they add up to 210 minutes of activity a week.

An unhealthy diet can also be transformed with a couple of basic fixes. One is to divide your plate into three sections:

    Fill one with lean protein—fish, legumes, beans, tofu, or skinless chicken
    Fill another with green vegetables—spinach, broccoli, kale, or Brussels sprouts
    Fill the third with whole grains—whole-wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, etc.

The other part of the diet fix is learning how to listen to hunger and satisfaction cues to control portion sizes. Dr. Hamdy recommends assessing your hunger based on a five-point scale:


The goal should be to sit down to a meal when you’re hungry, and stop eating when you’re satisfied.

Preventing diabetes can be done, but it takes a real commitment to change. And until more people are willing to change their eating and exercise habits—and pass those habits on to their children—the obesity and diabetes rates will continue to rise.

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