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 A boy’s father had to send him to the village to continue his education due to some reasons best known to him probably because he wanted his son to be familiar with their traditions and culture but on the long run, his son fell in love with a girl that almost cost them a fortune. What really happened? , what trespassed between his son and the girl?
Find out in this hilarious and emotional story “agony of chioma”
“all right reserved” this story should not be copied, shared, pirated or transformed in any form without prior permission from the author…..
Episode 1
I couldn’t believe my ears when my dad said I was going to the village to continue my education, it was unlike my dad.
“Chief!!!! For God sake, why will Jake go to the village to continue his education” my mum exclaimed
“dad why will I go to the village, check it out I have no class in the village” I said firmly
“you all know that I am a titled man, Omeluora one of itolu Kingdom and I really love my tradition and culture. With the kind of lifestyle Jake is living he doesn’t know anything about tradition and culture and I will like him to belong, understand and know his tradition who knows he may end up being a titled man like his father” chief omeluora said as he laughed in an elderly manner
“dad what you are saying is meaningless, I don’t f-----g wanna belong to any tradition” Jake fired
“you must be stupid” chief said angrily
“chief how do you expect him to cope with things There, you know he isn’t used to local and unpleasant environments” my mum said trying to convince Chief
*woman you don’t have anything to worry about, he is staying with my mother, I will get him a driver and all that he needs, with the best school*
“well if you say so, I just hope he copes”
*so I will now be left alone* my younger sister cut in
*not at all my angel, here is lively beside I promise to take you to see him once in two weeks* my dad said
“OK am OK with that” Cindy my younger sister replied as she continued with her phone
I looked at every one in the living room as they all succumbed to my dad’s decision, I hissed and headed for my room.
As soon as I got to my room, I connected my head phone to my iPhone 6 and started playing my favorite song by LHF benzo to cool off my anger….
The next day was a Thursday, I woke up from my soft bed, muttered some prayers that I never forget to do every morning even though am an arrogant person, and headed to the restroom.
I washed my face and brushed my teeth before relaxing on my bed to play music (am a music lover).
I was still listening to my cool music when a knock landed on my door…
“come in” I said removing my head set
“food is ready” Carole our cook informed
“I will be there shortly” I muttered.
I was about living the bed when a call came into my phone oh it was Hannah my one and only girlfriend. Her family and mine are really close
“good morning sunshine”
“good morning Jake, how was your night” an angelic voice asked
“went well and yours?”
“that’s good”
“Jake are you coming to school tomorrow, we were asked to come copy our scheme”
I sighed before answering her
“I don’t think am resuming with you guys”
“Jake are you leaving the school for real”
“yea, my dad wants me to school in the village”
*what village??? Jake stop kidding, this isn’t April 1st” Hannah said laughing loud
“am serious, you can come over today so we would discuss things”
“sure I will by noon”
“bye angel”
“bye love”
The line went off. I left my room straight to the dining
“where the hell is Jake” I over heard my dad..
“am here” I said as I sat on my chair, they were almost done with theirs
“where have you been” my mum asked
“I was busy upstairs sorting something”
“eat your food” my mum said
My dad was fully dressed in his native attire ,an ogbu agu top, a black trouser with a red cap and his beeds, he was ready for work (that’s his normal way of dressing to work or he wears a senator attire)
“Jake I want to inform you that you are living for Enugu tomorrow morning, so you could know your new school and collect your necessary materials to resume school on Monday”
“OK” I said in a low tone “dad by the way what’s the name of this new school”
“when you get there, you will know” he took his briefcase and left the dining
I looked at him but was just silent as many things were running in my mind. Minutes later I was the only one left in the dining as I quickly rushed my tea, bread and sandwich.
“ding dong” the door bell alarmed
I went to check who it was and it was no other person than Hannah
“you look gorgeous”
“thanks dear”
She was putting on a dark blue gown at her knee level with a silver shoe, silver Michael kors Bag and a silver head band and the enchanting perfume she was putting on.
“how is Cindy”
“oh she is not at home, she went out with mum”
“so you are home alone”
“that’s it”
“welcome aunty Hannah, what would you like to take??” labake our maid asked
“oh nothing, am OK”
“are you sure” I asked
,” OK let’s go to my room”
“so you are no longer coming to Lambert International School”
“No as a matter of fact things are beyond me, am even living for Enugu tomorrow morning and today will be the last day I will see you till further notice”
“why is your dad doing this??”
“I don’t know”

The room was silent for some minutes as I saw tears rolling down her cheek, I held her wiped off her tears and kissed her on her forehead
What?? Favour” I asked
“Promise me you won’t leave me for any village girl” Hannah said looking into my eyes
“(Smiling) why would I, am I mad. Hannah you are the only girl I love”
“that’s why I love you Jake”
We kept looking at each other, before I knew it we were already kissing, in less than few minutes we were unclad as we made love like never before.
Time check ==== 10:43am
I hugged my mum tightly as she was already missing me..
“Jake I miss you so much, I promise to see you soon” she said pecking me
I hugged my sister as tears were forming in her eyes..
“stop crying Cindy, we would see soon”
I bade them good bye as I was already missing home. Sanusi our driver helped me park my luggage into the car while we left for the domestic airport.
Thirty minutes later we arrived the airport after so much questioning from the check desk we finally boarded and about an hour later I was at enugu…
I called my dad and informed him that I was already at Enugu and he said that my unknown cousin is coming to take me. I was still waiting patiently sipping my coke when a call came in
“hello who is this” I asked
“am emeka your cousin am already at the airport, we’re are you??” he asked in a bass voice
I thought I had bass oo but this one pass me
“are you the one coming to take me”
“yes, your dad sent me”
“OK am inside the airport arrival”
“”OK” he said and hanged up
Minutes later I saw a guy, he was not that huge, he was a bit taller than I am and dark in complexion
“are you Jake??” The person asked
“yea Emeka”
“yea.. Wow this is you, I never knew you were this big”
“yea, you are my only cousin I haven’t seen tho my dad told me something about you”
“nice Jake, welcome to Enugu the rocking town”
I was a bit pissed off but I already liked the guy, he was jovial, handsome, good looking and smart he didn’t look like all this village guys,
“thanks” I said looking around the airport
He helped me with some of my luggage as we left the airport, he stopped a cab
“itolu Christ the savior road” emeka said
“the two of you”
We parked the luggage into the cab and zoomed off
45 minutes later
“this itolu is far oo” I said while he smiled
“it’s just an hour and forty five minutes from here”
“you enjoy long distance journey”
“not really”
“OK.. Are you still in secondary school” I asked him
“yea ss2”
Wow he was in the same class with me I thought
“wow same class”
“yea chief told me”
“did he tell you the name of my school??” I asked furious as he looked at me.
“didn’t he tell you??”
“No not at all”
“we are now in same school, almond school of Science (a-s)
“wow… That’s your school, hope the school is very conducive”
“you will like it, trust me”
“(looking at him) if you say so”
“tomorrow we would go there”
Some minutes after, we arrived at my grandma compound, I could remember it vividly because I stayed here for a Christmas holiday seven years.
We alighted as I brought out all the luggage while Emeka went inside to call grandma..
“neto chukwu, Neto chukwu” my grandmother shouted as she came out to hug me.
I can’t remember when last I was called with that name or use the name, I think junior waec though it’s my native name
“good afternoon grandma” I greeted as I hugged her
“how are you my son”
“am fine mama”
“welcome to your house”
Two girls who looked like maid came and carried my bags inside..
“Jake this is your driver, his name is kimkom he will be in charge of taking you anywhere, he is my guy” emeka said
“that’s good welcome kimkom”
“welcome sir” kimkom said
“remove the sir and call me Jake”
“OK Jake”
“funny guys”
“but how will I have a driver without car??”
“You don’t need to worry the three of us will be going to a near by village to get your car then from there we head to school”
“hmm OK”
“you people should come inside, food is ready” granny said while we all went inside.
Her chef prepared egusi soup with fufu but I opted for eba since that’s what am use to. We had eaten half way when I received an alert of one fifty thousand transfer, I knew it was my dad but I just continued with my food A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association says that as many as 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. That’s 470,000 Americans this year alone.

Given that these thieves of memory and personality are so common and so feared, should all older Americans be tested for them? In proposed guidelines released yesterday, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said “no.” Why not? Even after conducting a thorough review of the evidence, the panel said that there isn’t enough solid evidence to recommend screening, especially since not enough is known about the benefits and the harms.

Screening means testing a seemingly healthy person for signs of a hidden disease, like Alzheimer’s or cancer.

Why is early testing for Alzheimer’s and dementia not recommended when early testing for something like breast cancer is recommended? In part it has to do with treatment. While there are effective treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, so far there aren’t any truly effective approaches to stop the forward progress of dementia. While some medications can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, their side effects can be damaging.

“There are certain diseases in which we know that early detection can lead to early intervention, which can stave off worse outcomes, but if you don’t have any kind of disease-modifying therapy at hand, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to screen people who don’t have symptoms,” Dr. Aaron Philip Nelson, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Achieving Optimal Memory told me for an article that appears in the April 2014 Harvard Women’s Health Watch.
Testing for dementia

Checking people who have no symptoms of dementia using questionnaires, blood tests, or brain scans has long been controversial. One key sticking point is that tests available today can’t paint an accurate picture of future dementia risk. “There’s no test that can tell you that somebody is definitely going to get Alzheimer’s disease,” says Dr. Deborah Blacker, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Gerontology Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.

There is one gene test, but it’s for a rare type of Alzheimer’s disease known as familial early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. It accounts for less than 5% of total cases, and typically starts before middle age. Even getting a brain scan to look for the clumps of protein known as amyloid plaques that are characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease can’t accurately predict a future diagnosis.
When you should be tested

If testing healthy adults every few years isn’t worthwhile, when does it make sense to test for dementia? When someone shows signs of memory loss, difficulty thinking, or other signs of so-called cognitive impairment, say experts. Individuals and their loved ones need to be alert to changes in memory and function. Doctors should also be aware of differences in their patients’ mental abilities. When someone has symptoms, they should get an evaluation, Dr. Blacker says.

Yet memory can naturally start to slip as you get older, and it can sometimes be hard to tell whether lapses are due to normal age-related memory loss or true mental impairment. Here’s a guide to help tell the difference

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